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What does having a bath help me achieve?

Where do I start! There are so many benefits, but first let's discuss Balneotherapy 

With such little free time

Balneotherapy is the use of mineralised water for treatment of diseases by bathing, generally at spas in mineral-rich thermal waters. It was an ancient form of medicine widely practiced since antiquity for treatment of various diseases. The Dead Sea has been one such destination that has for for centuries, drawn a large number of people for treatment of many diseases, such as chronic rheumatism, central and peripheral neuropathy, gout, skin diseases, stress-related diseases, etc. Science has proven this to be extremely beneficial for Fibromyalgia, link here for more details.

These days, a family trip to the UAE or even New Zealand, for a mineral spa experience is not an option. We do however have the means to have a footpath or bath, even in the best of times, a relaxing bath is a legit way to decompress.

Few things melt away the ordinary stressors of daily life like a warm soak. Now, when stressors have become anything but ordinary, it might make sense to likewise level up your bath in order to meet the unprecedented toll on the psyche. 

During stressful times it is even more important to make sure that while we are taking care of others, we are also finding some time to take care of ourselves. Settling into a calming bath is the ultimate pause button since you are forced to sit in one place and come to peace with your surroundings in that moment.

A hot relaxing bath creates sweat therapy, a powerfully detoxifying that allows the tissues to release those built up toxins - through the skin. When you are bathing in magnesium chloride, particularly the salt sourced from The Dead Sea, the minerals aid in this detoxification process. No to mention a plethora of other different conditions such as muscle pain, insomnia, stress relief etc.

tips for a good night sleep

It's the potent salts of magnesium that really help sore muscles and encourage a good night’s sleep.

CAIM & ABLE bath salts are high in minerals that can relax the muscles, reduce inflammation and detox the skin. I recommend the PROTECT to really kick that relax mode into gear, ideal for a truly relaxing experience.  

If it's dry skin that bugs you you cannot go past the Uber skin softening NOURISH, oh and did I mention that it leaves your bathroom smelling ah, mazing! It softens, calms, and hydrates your skin while relaxing your senses

And of course for all goddess skin types, you just cant go past our soul NURTURE, frankincense and rose, pink salt and organic red roses. 

Finally, you happen to own your own float tank, you can create the experience by adding sensory deprivation methods to your tub time. I throw on a mulberry silk eye mask ($24) to block out the light and replace the to-do lists racing through my mind.

So remember, make the time (or the desire) to take baths, as there are soooo many compelling reasons you should consider a regular soak. 

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