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... Leads To Lasting Happiness: Study

Research has found that we may get longer-lasting happiness by giving to others, rather than receiving for ourselves. 

Science says 'Buying Christmas presents is the gift that keeps on giving'. 

Carried out by psychologists from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management, the new research involved a series of experiments to see which brought the longest-lasting joy — giving a gift to yourself or to others. 

The real purpose for which we have each come to this life is to live in complete joy and fulfillment. How do we achieve this destiny? By transforming the foundation of our being from getting to giving. Getting instead of giving can become an ingrained reflex. We need to move in a counterintuitive way from what we’ve been taught by the material world to what we know in the foundation of our souls. 

Gifts for someone you know that makes a difference to someone you’ll never meet.

We need to reeducate ourselves from the idea that joy comes from receiving to the understanding that real joy comes from giving, which is the essence of our very souls. This is the key to making lasting fulfillment the foundation of our lives.

Caim & Able are 'giving back' this holiday season a whole new meaning;

  1. We provide employment to people living with a disability, giving them meaningful work and a sense of 'giving back' to their community.
  2. Caim & Able donates pre-wrapped presents to local DV shelters so mums and kids have something to exchange.
  3. We donate a percentage of our profits to local DV shelters
  4. The proceeds of our gift wrapping service, will be donated to the NSW Fire Fighters this year. 


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