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Greenwashing in Skincare.

  • Greenwashing in Skincare. Learn How to Identify and Avoid It.

    Did you know that there is no regulation for claims made on a COSMETIC product label in Australia? The TGA will only step in when products claim to prevent disease or effect the structure or function of the body - make a therapuetic claim.

    The word ‘natural’ can be the thing that gets the purchases across the line, however the term ‘natural’ is often misused. “In some cases, this can mean that only a small percentage of a product’s ingredient is plant-based or originally ‘natural’, but has now, in fact gone through a production process which now results in a less-than-natural form.” 

    It’s the same for a lot of other natural buzzwords as well, including organic, organically sourced.  This means we have to trust that the particular company has our best interests in mind. And not their bottom line. Call me cynical, but there are a LOT of companies that I’m unwilling to give that trust to.

    It’s what allows companies to use these green buzzwords to market their products and convince us to buy them thinking we’ve made a good choice for ourselves.

    natural skincare

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