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13 Magnesium Oil Benefits and Why You Need it

We all feel tired and achy sometimes, but what if those feelings weren’t just the result of a long day, but actually linked to a major magnesium deficiency? Fewer than 60 percent of adults meet the Adequate Intake values for magnesium, according to the World Health Organization. Dr. Jennie Ann Freiman calls magnesium deficiency “a silent epidemic”, and no matter how many kale salads with walnuts you eat, you might still not be getting enough, which is why many are turning to magnesium oil to get the magnesium they need.  While you’d usually supplement deficient minerals through diet, unfortunately, when it comes to magnesium, that’s kind of tough. “We used to get quite a lot of magnesium through the foods we eat...

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Body Scrubs - The Why, When & How of essential summer body prep!

         Did you know that 90% of  dust  in your home can be  attributed  to dead skin  cells?  If you need  more  reasons to get scrubbing  then read on!       Spring has arrived and our thoughts start to turn to summer, and the process of getting our bodies into beach-ready shape has begun.  But, how many of us ensure that our body’s largest organ is in tip-top shape?  Yes, that largest organ is the skin. It covers the entire body and plenty of us still forget to give it some TLC.   We all know that skin changes with age, it loses plumpness, becomes duller, can suffer from discolouration, but it also becomes less efficient...

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Scientist reveal magnesium is the secret magic ingredient

By now you've heard the the Mediterranean diet is considered by experts to be the healthiest.  Now, according to the latest research, the secret ingredient which makes the Mediterranean Diet so healthy, is magnesium.  Scientists say the mineral is more important than previously thought in slashing the risk of heart disease, strokes and diabetes. The team conducted the largest ever analysis of dietary magnesium data, covering more than a million people in nine countries. They found that eating a diet rich in magnesium cut the risk of coronary heart disease or stroke by 12 per cent.  The danger of developing Type 2 diabetes was reduced by 26 per cent, according to the research at Zhejiang University’s School of Public Health in eastern...

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