Body Scrubs - The Why, When & How of essential summer body prep!





 Did you know that 90% of  dust  in your home can be  attributed  to dead skin  cells?  If you need  more  reasons to get scrubbing  then read on!




Spring has arrived and our thoughts start to turn to summer, and the process of getting our bodies into beach-ready shape has begun.  But, how many of us ensure that our body’s largest organ is in tip-top shape?  Yes, that largest organ is the skin. It covers the entire body and plenty of us still forget to give it some TLC.


We all know that skin changes with age, it loses plumpness, becomes duller, can suffer from discolouration, but it also becomes less efficient at shedding old dead skin cells. That is where a good scrub comes in.


Your Skin

 There are three layers to our skin - the epidermis, dermis and the subcutaneous level.  Each layer needs a different type of product to see maximum benefits.  Scrubs concentrate on the top layer, the epidermis, which is important because before anything else can get deep down into the other layers, the top layer of dead cells needs to be removed.


So, giving yourself a really good all over scrub removes those dead cells leaving skin brighter, smoother and healthier. But it also, if done correctly (more on that later), helps boost circulation, helps with lymph drainage and if you use a Caim & Able body scrub you will get a nice magnesium boost too. And let’s not forget, here at Caim & Able we believe that you are the active ingredient, so why not treat yourself! A good old scrub will leave you feeling refreshed and uplifted.  All of this whilst allowing your moisturiser of choice to get down to work, so grab a scrub and let’s get scrubbing!


How Do I Apply a Body Scrub?  

 There is plenty of guidance out there on how to  apply scrubs to our bodies, we believe that  everyone should be able to do it and do it your own  way.  

 So, whether you have an hour or 5 minutes  everyone has time to follow these simple  guidelines:   



First, be warm and wet.  

So lie in a bath - if you have loads of time or fancy a treat - or, jump in the shower.  If you jump in the bath then why not add one of our salts or soaks for some added luxury and an even bigger magnesium boost.


Next, grab your scrub and use as much or as little as you like using your hands or a mitt or your tool of choice (if you use your hands they also get to reap the benefits) and apply using long, circular motions all over your body.  This circular massage motion is what helps the circulatory and lymph systems get rid of nasty toxins and is important so this part needs a little extra attention.  Oh, and don’t forget your feet, they will definitely need a good scrub too.


Finally, rinse off pat and yourself dry.  Or if you are in the tub, relax and enjoy!  Follow with your chosen moisturiser or body butter to ensure maximum results.


If you have healthy, firm skin you can repeat this 2-3 times per week.  If your skin is more on the sensitive side once per week is probably enough. Times to avoid doing a scrub are if the skin is suffering from sunburn or if you have a rash or other skin irritation.  It is also not recommended after shaving.


Caim & Able Body Scrubs

 Why are our scrubs different?  Simple, not only do you get glowing, healthy skin you also get a hit of magnesium chloride.  We combine these magnesium chloride salts with magnesium oil, olive oil and a combination of essential oils to give you a range of scrubs to suit your needs. Whether You want to Nourish, NurtureProtect or Restore we have a scrub for you.


Why do you need more magnesium?  Low magnesium levels have been linked to anxiety, stress, insomnia, heart disease and chronic pain.  Up to 90% of oral supplements are excreted from the body and therefore the best way to boost your levels is directly through the skin via our scrubs, soaks and sprays.



 Our CEO, Michelle, has been beavering away and not only will our entire range have a completely new look, she has tweaked the recipes for our scrubs and bath salts! If you want to be the first to hear about the launch of these new products make sure you visit our website and sign up to our newsletter.  For now, here is a sneak peek at the new look……

Let us know what you think via Instagram or Facebook or comment below!  All the new products will be available on our website very soon.





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