Reduce your anxiety with magnesium oil

Magnesium, it is a vital nutrient our ancient ancestors would have had a ready supply from organ meats, seafood, mineral water - even swimming in the ocean. Regrettably nowadays we are usually very low in this mineral - modern farming practises means the soil our produce is grown in is depleted of minerals. Throw into the mix magnesium depleting agents (coffee, alcohol, stress both psychical and emotional, some medications, IBS, Crohns) and you can see how we struggle to get anywhere close to our RDA.

Stress and anxiety can cause depletion of your body’s stores of magnesium, which intensifies the anxiety symptoms. Most of us live in a state of stress or anxiety every day, continuing to deplete our stores of magnesium! It is critical to constantly restore those levels every day - every, single, day. 

Magnesium Sprays are the most efficient magnesium delivery system available. Sprayed onto the skin for immediate absorption without digestive upset, CAIM & ABLE has the most potent magnesium and the only LESS ITCH magnesium spray on the market.

Beyond the emotional and psychological needs, magnesium plays a vital role in biochemical reactions all over your body - it is involved in a lot of cell transport activities. Your bones are a major reservoir for magnesium (this is why osteoporosis is a magnesium issue, not a calcium one) and it is the counter-ion for calcium and potassium in muscle cells, including the heart. If your magnesium is too low, you can experience muscle cramps, arrythmias, and even sudden death.