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Support Small and Local

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Right now, small Aussie businesses are doing it tough.

After months of battling severe drought and the devastating bushfires in different parts of our country, the current coronavirus pandemic has forced many businesses that might’ve just started rebuilding to partially or fully close down yet again.

It’s human to feel powerless, but a unifying thought that can serve as a small comfort is knowing there’s power in what we do with our wallets. For those who are in a financial position to be able to make non-essential purchases, we can choose to do so in a way that supports small businesses.

Christmas is an extremely powerful time to help out, you are buying something anyway, why not do so and give someone doing it tough a helping hand?

Small businesses contribute to a third of our economic activity, keep millions of Australians in jobs and are responsible for paying wages to more than half of our workforce. They are vital to our everyday lives – especially now in our economic recovery.

There are countless small ways to support local businesses. Let’s get Australia going again.

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