SOUL NURTURE Magnesium Bath Salts - caim-able
SOUL NURTURE Magnesium Bath Salts - caim-able
SOUL NURTURE Magnesium Bath Salts - caim-able

NURTURE Magnesium Bath Salts; Beautify + Rejuvenate Skin

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These bath salts are a luxurious addition to a warm bath before bed, or an indulgent treat for a weekend morning bath. 

  • Potent Magnesium to help you unwind and prepare for sleep
  • Replenishes magnesium to help combat stress
  • Helps balance body and mind.
  • Our high-grade magnesium flakes help to boost wellness and nourish your cells. 

Our pink salt is sustainably hand-harvested from ancient sea salt deposits deep in the Himalayan mountain range, and dried in the sun. This salt is notable for its purity, and is rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and other trace minerals. 

DIRECTIONS: Just before getting into the tub, tap a few shakes into warm water, disperse by hand.

As always, if you are pregnant or nursing, please check with your doctor before using any products containing essential oils.

Full List of ingredients: Magnesium Chloride, Himalayan Pink Salt, Frankincense Essential Oil, Rose Oil, Organic Rose Petals, Frankincense Granules.

All CAIM & ABLE products are made by hand and with love, in Sydney, Australia



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