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Our Magnesium sprays deliver the highest concentration of Magnesium Chloride you can find on the market (min 47%), sourced from one of the world’s oldest and purest natural deposits deep underground, devoid of any contamination with pollutants. 

Do you get those painful cramps in your calves? Is anxiety getting the better of you? Does your sleep cycle leave you feeling exhausted? Are you looking for a natural and effective solution to pain relief?  

If you answer yes to any of these, It is very likely your magnesium levels are low - yet we have exactly what you need, its safe, fast and super convenient and easy to use.

Other benefits include; 

      • Improves sleep quality
      • Prevents muscle cramps
      • Reducing muscles aches and pains
      • Relieves stress and tension
      • Improves performance
      • Increasing energy levels
      • Helps proper muscle function

Just eight pumps of CAIM & ABLE pure magnesium oil provides approximately 4.8 milligrams of magnesium transdermally - Highly concentrated. Believe the hype, transdermal works-study

Caim & Able pure magnesium oil has been researched and developed by a qualified medical herbalist, tested on friends and loved by thousands.

It is the ideal choice for quick and efficient restoration of intracellular magnesium levels. Transdermal supplementation (via the skin) has been shown to be more efficient than through the digestive tract.  100% Australian owned and made.

These products contain essential oils - Please check with your medical professional prior to use if pregnant, if you have any health concerns or using with children.