So why are we so deficient in this vital mineral?

Modern eating habits are a biggie - we're more likely to sit down to a bowl of pasta, or maybe a burger and chips than we are to chow down on kale, chard, and mustard greens, all high in magnesium.

Millions of people around the world have entirely replaced their consumption of mineral-containing water with the consumption of carbonated beverages and coffee—drinks which actually reduce available magnesium through their high phosphate and sugar content and diuretic properties.

Transdermal magnesium therapy (TDMT) is a form of magnesium supplementation that is becoming increasingly popular, why?;

  • It is easy, convenient, affordable and far more effective.
  • It is far more rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive tract and improving its bioavailability.
  • Allows you to maximize your uptake without diarrhea and or digestion.
  • Is especially helpful with people that find oral tablets difficult to swallow and particularly helpful for those with a compromised GIT.

Caim & Able is the #1 ethical Australian brand in for topical magnesium therapy. 

Topical magnesium is a superior method of delivering minerals to the body -through the skin. It's an approach that is based on age-old principles, balneology "the study of medicinal springs and the therapeutic effects of bathing in them" 

 In fact, many substances pass into the body from the outer surface of the skin and into the circulation. If you’ve used or are familiar with nicotine patches, then you are familiar with the basic concepts behind topical applications of magnesium.