How do you know if you have a deficiency - what are the symptoms?
Symptoms of poor magnesium intake can include muscle cramps, facial tics, poor sleep, RLS, chronic pain. Other symptoms include anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, fatigue.  

My doctor has told to take magnesium supplements - how is this different?
Studies have shown overall absorption of magnesium in some individuals as low as 20%. Certain forms of magnesium supplements, such as magnesium oxide, may have an absorbable magnesium potency as low as 4%. Diuretic foods such as coffee, tea and alcohol deplete available magnesium, as does some medications - check with your Doctor.

Can I overdose or absorb too much transdermal magnesium?
No, you are simply bathing or applying a sea salt water that happens to be high in magnesium chloride. The skin has a unique ability to self-regulate absorption.

Is it safe to use with children?
Absolutely, in fact we suggest you do! They are not only safe, but also highly therapeutic and can calm even the most restless.

My skin feels itchy after using the spray - is this normal?

Yes this is completely normal, your body hasn't experienced the magnesium oil before and the way it reacts is itching, stinging, and post-application skin dryness are all perfectly normal reactions. If you are experiencing skin irritation  becomes a rash, or causes you to break out, we recommend that you dilute the oil until your body has had a chance to adapt. 

Can I use these products for detoxing? 
Magnesium is vital for phase one detoxification, in fact magnesium is a fundamental factor in the natural self-cleansing and detoxification responses of the body.

How long does an order/delivery take?
This will depend on where you live, it is usually 2 days at most to all major cities but may take a day or so longer in rural areas. If your order is urgent please advise at the time of ordering and we can send via Express Post. Regrettably we currently do not despatch outside Australia simply due to the high costs.