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Our Story

It started with a need. A need for a 'harm-free' solution to chronic body pain. I'd been told to "just need to deal with it; take some pain killers - there's nothing else you can do".  

I knew there had to be another effective, side-effect free solution and drawing on my botanical medicine studies, I began reading scientifically supported research. Soon, I was experimenting in my bathroom and discovered a bath salt that provided pain relief within a week, and additional benefits soon appeared within a month.

A simple bath was providing massive doses of magnesium to my body. 

Top 5 Signs of magnesium deficiency.

  1. Body aches and pain
  2. Stress and anxiety
  3. Lethargy and fatigue
  4. Muscle cramping and spasms
  5. Difficulty sleeping

magnesium bath cures pain

Anti-inflammatory symptoms such as pain have spiked in the last decade and people need more reliable options than just pain killers. 

A Pure Solution

CAIM & ABLE is the #1 boutique Australian brand for topical magnesium therapy. Our ultra pure magnesium oils and salts are the safest, most efficient way to re-mineralise a magnesium-starved body. They can help you, the way they helped me.
Michelle Matthewman

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