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Domestic violence in Australia is a national crisis – and it’s also our national shame. On average, one woman per week is murdered by her current or former partner. Australian police deal with domestic violence every two minutes. It is the leading cause of illness, disability and premature death for women ages 18 to 44.

Discovering this horrific reality, was the genesis of CAIM & ABLE; a brand devoted to funding the safety of women and kids in Australia, escaping domestic violence.  

helping domestic violence victims
We donate products and 25% of our profits to organisations that are actively addressing the issue of a severe shortage of crisis accommodation by establishing new women’s shelters across Australia through Women’s Community Shelters. 
Rather than have our products packed cheaply overseas, Caim & Able chooses to have our products packaged in Sydney by an Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE).  By utilising their services we - and now you, can assist in providing meaningful employment opportunities.

domestic violence victims

"Our hearts and consciences are worn proudly on our sleeves.  In addition to creating products that promote wellness and self-care, we place a premium on giving back to the community.We all have a responsibility to support, value and protect"

Michelle Matthewman, Founder

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