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Potent Anti-Acne Formulation - Ideal for those with problem skin - soothing against redness, irritation, calming of allergic reactions, slightly astringent, rebalanced, purifies skin.

  • Rich in Beta-hydroxy acids salicylic acid and willow bark water, making it most effective for deep-cleaning pores and preventing breakouts. Salicylic acid from the willow bark extract breaks up the oil that clog the pores of your skin, and prevents more acne from forming.
  • The tannins in willow bark are thought to act as a natural astringent. They may help reduce the appearance of large pores and keep the skin tight at the same time.
  • Depending on your skin, this mist could be used instead of, or in addition to, a daily leave-on acne treatment.
Perfect for those who want to hydrate whenever and wherever throughout the day.
Apply by spraying directly onto skin on the face, back or shoulders. TIP: Can also be used to provide a quick refresher to fabric face masks.



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