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Did someone say beauty sleep? 
Our premium quality Magnesium Oil Spray is 100% natural, easily absorbed and highly effective. Perfect for those battling stress or struggling to sleep. A lightly scented spray with Rosemary and lavender. 
An award-winning product, Magnesium Oil Spray relieves pain and speeds up muscle recovery highly concentrated  for improved absorption.  Take with you on-the-go to use before or after workouts or as nagging muscle and joint pain strikes. This transdermal spray absorbs quickly and is odorless and non-greasy.  Customers use our magnesium oil spray to relieve cramps, fibromyalgia, joint pain, and headaches. 
Adding this topical magnesium into your daily routine is a effective and convenient way to gain the benefits of magnesium and assist in preventing magnesium deficiency. Low magnesium levels can negatively affect muscle function and lead to cramping and spasms. We think it's the perfect daily magnesium supplement for those who like to lead a more active lifestyle.
Ingredients: Distilled Water, Magnesium Chloride Lavender and Rosemary Essential Oils.
Our Magnesium sprays are sourced from one of the world’s oldest and purest natural deposits, devoid of any contamination with pollutants. CAIM & ABLE magnesium oils are highly concentrated, all natural with absolutely no chemicals added. Our pure magnesium oil is 47% pure concentrate, without doubt, the best on the market.



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